G. Keith Clements




Fine Art Photography has been a joyful journey in my life. It has been a gift that has taught me to look at the world around me in a different way, and helped me to stop and smell the roses. I have had the opportunity to travel throughout Europe and the United States. I became enamored with photography over thirty years ago and have seen it evolve from film to current day digital.

I am not a purest and believe it’s OK to use the digital dark room to create images that convey my photographic vision. My goal has been to create images that convey my vision, capture the mood, and emotions that I feel, and share them with the viewer.

I have been recognized both locally and nationally. My fine art photography has been published, and featured in several prominent Colorado art galleries prior to moving from Colorado to the Pacific Northwest in 2017.


Website: https://www.keithclementsphotography.com/

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