Jen Parker


For those who don’t know,  my art is made from recycled,  repurposed,  and  even some found items. 🍃🌍 I take these bits and pieces and turn them into something fantastic! 
95% of what I use is repurposed or salvaged! ♻️ I start with wood,  which I cut and  then sand. Then I move on to several layers of texture,  paint,  wax and sealant, depending on the wood,  and the look I want. 🎨 
Next comes the adorning (the best part!) Each item is handpicked and applied to bring out the character of the piece.  Once that’s all done,  they are finished with a light protective spray so they are weather resistant and may be placed inside, or out!  🌤
Lastly,  they are each given a name befitting their personality 💗 
Each piece takes approximately a week to finish….
I truly enjoy taking items that may have been rubbish, and ReImagining them into something new! 
Contact me to make a custom request, purchase, ask a price, or with any other questions!  😊


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