Alice Moore


My name is Alice and I make candles and dream catchers!

My container candles are all made with natural soy wax for a pollutant free burn. My pillar candles are a palm oil and soy mix so they can stand freely. All of my candles are made in small batches, and their containers can be re used when the candle is gone.

I really enjoy creating beautiful candles by embellishing them with organic flowers, herbs, and plant pieces. I spice this up further with glitter! 

I love to create a story in a way with my creations. Every scent is matching in color and decoration, giving the candle a specific purpose in a way. I also make wax melts with leftover wax from my candles.

My dream catchers all create themselves through my hands, I only plan the color scheme. Each one gives itself structure and purpose, like creating its own life. Each is a one of a kind piece. They are all vastly different from the other, like fingerprints. 

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