Cristal McQueen


I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico and lived in Tucson, Arizona, but it wasn’t until I found my way to the Pacific Northwest that I knew I was home.

A few years ago, when I was attending an art exhibit, someone asked me, “Are you creative?” Without thinking, I replied, “I used to be.” Until that moment, I hadn’t realized that my creative side had taken a back seat in my life. So, I refocused and began exploring new creative endeavors – a journey that led me to photography.

With photography I can express myself, and the creative person within is fulfilled. My photographic style gravitates towards landscapes, wildlife, pets, old buildings and barns. But, really, anything that catches my eye and translates through the lens grabs my attention.

I live in Bay View, in a lovely rural setting, with my husband, Dennis, who is my daily inspiration and most ardent supporter. When I’m not traveling throughout the Pacific Northwest in search of my next photographic inspiration, you can find me donating my time at the Skagit Humane Society where I photograph the dogs, cats and other critters waiting for their forever homes. Needless to say, Dennis and I now have three rescue cats!

I believe the most important effect of art is to evoke an emotional response. With my photography, that is, and will always be, my goal.


Cristal Mcqueen
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