Dana Hayden


Dana Hayden was born in 1958 and grew up in the Midwest. While winning art awards in high school, he was unable to pursue further art studies for financial reasons. He married and supported his two great kids as a carpenter building custom cabinets and houses.

Missing the chance to create, Dana bought a wood lathe in 2012 hoping to combine his love of wood with his passion for art. He expanded his skills attending woodturning symposiums and learning from other artisans in the field.

Dana’s wife of 34 years passed away from cancer in 2016 and in 2019 Dana decided to move to Bellingham, WA to restart his life. The Pacific Northwest has become an inspiration and spurred Dana to expand his art.

Dana started participating in art markets in 2014 in the Midwest. He opened his Etsy site in 2020 when COVID shut down markets. Dana is again participating in art markets, now in the Northwest, and loves the opportunity meet and explain the process and discuss the many types of wood he uses. Dana says that being able to share also brings a sense of belonging and satisfaction for him.

See more of Dana’s work at his Etsy site and his Instagram.

Dana Hayden
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