Diana Guza-Wells


I both appreciate the art of others and I take great joy in creating my own art. To me it is a process of growth.

I started with watercolors about 20 years ago while living in southern Colorado. I first painted flowers whose color and beauty never ceased to amaze me. Then I expanded to landscapes; southern Colorado being rich in semi-arid landscape with yucca plants and cholla cactus, distal mountains and abode architecture. Then in 2006 I moved to Bellingham, WA. I began to paint in acrylics, which is a medium easier to control than watercolors. I started with landscapes and architecture—painting scenes from Fairhaven Harbor and more recently from New Zealand, where my husband is from.

I love jazz music and am fascinated by the clothing styles and art deco motifs of the 1920s and 30s. I created 13 acrylic paintings entitled “Women of the Jazz Age Series.” I had such fun creating these images and learning about some of the personalities of that era. I also started decorating hats and making jewelry reflecting the style of the Jazz Age.

Currently I am beginning two new series: “Allegories of Faith” and “Landscapes of Climate Change”. I am also starting to experiment with oil painting, which is very exciting. To all of you who view my art, I hope it gives you joy and/or challenges your imagination.

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