James R Williamson


I attended fine art and graphic art classes at Northern Michigan and Western Washington University after completing military service as a graphic illustrator in the United States Air Force. Over the years I have created thousands of original paintings and limited editions of local and regional subjects. My style and ideas have changed and continue to expand. Given a ‘special talent’, I am committed to creating memorable images of historical and contemporary maritime subjects plus landscape and wildlife themes.

Landscape & Wildlife Art

Subjects include the natural beauty of the Pacific Coast, inland waterways, islands, beaches and mountain wilderness plus native northwest themes and wildlife including herons, loons and eagles as well as the expanding presence of industry and military subjects. Researching paintings for such diverse subjects I have become aware of Pacific Northwest history, the beauty of our environment and the increasing power of industry and military strength existing together in a fragile balance.

Maritime, Historical, Industrial & Military Art

I have created artwork for companies such as: FOSS Maritime, Boeing, Raytheon, Conoco-Phillips, Exxon, HORIZON Shipping Lines, SAMSON Tug and Barge, and Canada Steamship Lines, the United States Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. My Original illustrations include tugboats, fishing vessels, rocket test facilities, oil refinery vessels and projects, and shipping companies. My originals and limited editions hang in thousands of executive offices, boardrooms, bank lobbies, government buildings, fashionable restaurants and private residences throughout the United States and many other countries. I have also created illustrations for posters, greeting cards, telephone calling cards and credit cards issued throughout the world.

The Studio: This is where the greater part of my artwork is created. All of the tools necessary to produce artwork are brought together; desks, lighting, paper, brushes, paint and research materials. Most of my large, complex and demanding images as well as smaller, less detailed originals are created here. I also create work during gallery and art show demonstrations and ‘on-scene’ when I am out researching a subject.

Media: I create artwork using a variety of mediums including transparent and opaque watercolor, acrylics, pen and ink and colored pencil. Particular subjects include pen and ink, colored pencil combined with watercolor. I also create pencil drawings plus pencil combined with pen, ink and other media.

Motivation: My motivation for creating various themes include, but are not limited to, requests for illustrations from industry and the military, owners of fishing vessels, tugboats and other working craft and owners of sailing vessels and related companies. I also create artwork for collectors and galleries requesting images of the Pacific Northwest landscape and wildlife. I consider myself as an applied illustrator and fine artist with a focus on listening to my customers and collectors. I continue to refine and expand my knowledge of various subjects and on methods of creating art. I enjoy the positive reaction to my artwork and continue to create images that have value and meaning to those in industry and private collectors. My work is published internationally as fine art prints on paper, canvas, metal, acrylic, and as greeting cards and calendars.

Website: https://jamesrwilliamson.com
Fine Art America: https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/james-williamson
Pixels Shop: https://james-williamson.pixels.com

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