Jenn Korn


My sister was to be the artist, I was going into medicine. That was my mother’s plan for her oldest children. But I foiled that plan when after 2 years of college the wanderlust to travel became my beacon. During my journey, my dog and I explored all the nooks & crannies of this beautiful country, doing odd jobs and then as a lineman stringing cable on telephone poles (Michigan and Ohio in the winter, Texas and Arkansas in the summer). I landed in the Pacific Northwest, Bellingham, WA to be exact, and settled in raising/showing rabbits and working in a pulp, paper & chemical facility.

About 7 years ago an opportunity came along to do piecework for a stained glass artist, using up her scrap glass for smaller projects (200 2″ circles, 6oo 1″ triangles). That’s when I fell in love with glass- the colors both vibrant and muted, the textures from silky to embedded swirls and bumps, then add the intense heat of the kiln and the spirit of that glass changes shape. It takes time and patience to plod through the learning process but I finally let the glass ‘talk to me’. Now, I am definitely hooked into the wondrous pull of my glass room. The artist inside me keeps calling to get out.

I’m having so much fun delving into styles, textures, color combinations and metal reactions with glass, that I wait in anticipation every time I open the kiln to see what magic has been performed.

My journey continues with the endless possibilities of creativity that glass allows me.

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