John and Carrie Trax – Zigzag Mountain Art


We try to show the beauty of simple everyday things. Fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants are all seen every day and passed by without comment. Yet, the natural world we walk through contains wondrous things if only we would stop and look.

Our goal is to show nature in a way that everyone can appreciate. Sometimes it is something very ordinary but shown in a way that allows us to appreciate how special that something really is. An apple or bunch of grapes, an old barn or a display of flowers. Or perhaps a single moment in time when nature displays something so amazing we have to share it. A sunrise or a sunset, a distant vista or a nearby bird.

As a photographer, we record what the camera sees, as artists we try to show others what we see. Making a good photograph requires dozens of choices: light, composition, time of day, choice of lens and other technical details. All of that requires skill, knowledge and a sense of what is trying to be achieved. But that is really only the beginning. A wonderful image is nothing if not shared. Our prints or Carrieā€™s fiber arts allow us to share with others the things we see and appreciate.


John and Carrie Trax
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