Kathy Harvey


I create fabulous, layered, textured and colorful acrylic paintings. I use some oils and markers and other media as well. I paint intuitively, not having any idea what is going to come out at the end of the process. First I start with marks – any mark that draws me. Then colors and then I start looking for something that speaks to me – a shape, a color, a layering…something that brings an image to mind.

Oftentimes I turn the canvas over and over until something strikes me. And if nothing does, I continue with mark making until something does. Mostly my images are of natural objects and of birds, although sometimes I gravitate towards other animals. I am intrigued with depth, layering and the little bit if what remains after a new layer has been put on the canvas.

I spent most of my life as a biologist, teaching at community college and working in the field. I decided to leave that field and try something creative, although I had never really done anything creative before. I learned to be a silversmith and made copper and silver metal jewelry for years. And after that I started painting – perhaps about 8 years ago. My painting evolves and has never been realistic, always abstract with images that are recognizable.

Moving from Southern California to the Pacific Northwest 2 years ago has given me the chance to enjoy exploring nature in its vibrant forms. Forest walks, waterfalls, peaceful, glorious sunsets and the beauty of the night sky are all such wondrous gifts. This stunning nature has become a backdrop and inspiration for part of my art work.

My arts education came in the form of apprenticeship working for three years with a Master Mural Painter. In addition to countless art classes I was then able to develop my own business over 20 years blending many modalities: murals-commercial and residential, custom paintings, spiritual art, retreats, workshops and conducting classes with children and adults. Also through the years I have been honored to work as an RN helping patients and their families create art as a healing process.

A few of my works included Designer Showcases, Model Homes, Art Walks, Moonlight Gallery, A One Woman Art Exhibit, San Diego Channel 8 News feature of my work, and guest speaker at Mira Costa College. Commercially murals can be found at Good Samaritan Hospital in Colorado, Morocco Children’s Sports Centers, many office buildings, restaurants, private residences, Cancer Centers and numerous Alzheimers Centers.

Currently I am privileged to teach arts classes in Bellingham School District through Allied Arts. Last year I completed the TAT {Teaching Artist Training) through the Washington State Certification Programs. I am also facilitating ongoing arts classes with Alzheimer’s residents at Orchard Residential Facility.

Kathy Harvey
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