Peggy Alexander


I’ve always enjoyed the abstract idea of change in art objects. I studied Art at Olympic College working in watercolor, chalks, drawing, and sculpture and over the years have taken classes in photography, glass painting/stain glass, and acrylics. However, in the last 8 years I have grown to love working with natural stone, beading, Precious Metal Clays (PMC), and Metalsmithing. I am also focused on reclaiming “old jewelry/beads” and metal painting with the purpose of a more modern design and look in wearable art.

I began my love of art in high school, but began pursuing my talent more heavily shortly after my marriage in 1966 while traveling with my Navy husband in the United States and overseas in Japan and Guam. Living in Bellingham with my husband and two sons the last 30 years has been an amazing experience with all the extensive and creative artistic opportunities available in this community for learning.

One might describe my jewelry design as very eclectic- taking old “reclaimed” jewelry and redesigning it as uniquely mine unique creation. My specialty is taking a piece,and reworking it by either restructuring and/or painting-thus arriving at an entirely new look for wearable art.

It is my hope that in purchasing any of my creations you will share in the enjoyment I experienced in creating each piece knowing that each piece of jewelry is truly uniquely different as only one copy is ever created— thus it is a special gift only for each woman –A Seasoned Woman to wear with love.


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