Rick Green


My entry into woodworking began as I worked my way thru college on framing and building crews in the 70s, here in the Pacific Northwest. Since that time I’ve mostly used the skills I had gained to remodel houses I’ve lived in, and recently rescued a house from certain demolition that is now used as a creative space. 

The deeper dive into woodworking as creative expression began more recently. Besides the pieces I show at Whatcom Art Market, I’ve also made furniture pieces. I don’t work making one particular thing. Rather, my curiosity and interests have me jumping around, learning skills that inspire and allow me to try something new.

What I most enjoy is working at the lathe and the scroll saw. On the lathe, I might start with an idea in mind of what shape/design I’m looking for, but before long something very different shows up. It’s not exactly haphazard or random;  more like, “Maybe I’ll just see where this is headed”. The scroll saw is more quiet, very focused. I think it’s relaxing, and a kind of meditative process.

 As for my thoughts about art and the creative process, I believe the desire and impulse toward the creative is a human characteristic shared by everyone, whether they know it or not, or able to actualize it or not. I think it is almost certainly a kind of human need: To create something that did not previously exist. Woodworking presents me with that opportunity.

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