Skip Patten


My name is Skip and my career as a contractor has grown in me a love for the fine art of wood working. The word “unique” means that something exists as the only one; single; solitary in type and characteristics, having no equal, unparalleled and incomparable. Wood is unique. As I carve deeper into the wood the hidden grain, knots and features begin to reveal themselves, showing a pattern in a shape that will never be seen again, that cannot be replicated, replaced or feigned. Each table, bowl and bench is an observation of the beautiful fractal that is nature. They are a testament to the living and the antithesis to many of the cold, cookie cutter products created without love or care for the sake of accumulation. I pride myself in the creation of quality and elegance, with the value of the what I create being the satisfaction seen in those that own my work. Please contact us to stop by and see some of the pieces being offered today – or select your piece of wood for a commission and design of your own choosing!


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