Terrie May


Born In Port Angeles, I was raised on a farm in Sequim and attended high school there. I was a very explorative child and spent many days being lost in the neighboring wilderness, its rivers and their outlets to the sea, discovering the rough beaches that washed the sand to the shore.

As a child of three, I can recollect the whole family and relatives coming to clear out our 100 acres of evergreens, pine and cedars in preparation for the family farm. Bonfires were built, using the logs and branches to create these enormous hot pits of fire

We raised Dairy for milk products, chickens for their eggs and pigs for the homemade sausage. We made deliveries to local groceries and restaurants. Our orchard was full of a variety of fruit trees and a garden that produced all our needs. Farm living was very difficult at times especially through the winter months. But again the most rewarding work you’ll ever do. It was self sustaining.

I was introduce to 4-H, where I prepared and competed my pet heifers and later horses to local fairs and show rings. Preparing the animals for the shows created an interest in Hair dressing and I successfully ran several salons for years. It seems like my very first art experience was with pottery. Just across the street from our farm was a small Ceramic business. Mac’s Novelty Shop located in Agnew. In the evenings my mother and I visited there and made many plates, bowls, lamps and what knots out of clay. It sparked in me a direct manipulation of shapes, textures, forms, a need of making your own tools for use in the Kitchen or decor. Together with the background wilderness experiences, feeling its texture, beach combing, absorbing its beauty, sites and sounds, its climate, its exhilaration.

These observations weaved themselves into the many mediums; Ceramics, clay, fibers and paint on paper canvas, gourds and wood arts. I see the reoccurring theme of nature now. Add dynamic pigments , staining intensity, drawing life with the slight stroke of a pen can stir a emotion or a memory or a place we’ve never been, moving our imagination muscle into abstract collection. As I study many art forms I find I’m fascinated with the brilliant artists that are so willing to share their creative talents and mentor. Thank you for letting me share.

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