Thao Le


I moved to America 22 years ago from Saigon, Vietnam.

I am a potter.

My most inspiration for pottery is from the beauty of nature, and I am fortunate to live in a beautiful and peaceful Bellingham where it has all types of natural beauty like mountains, rivers, beaches, flowers, bird, animals etc.

There is amazing connection between pottery and one of the famous Chinese philosophies about how all things were made. The philosophy assumes that all things were made by the combination of 5 elements: water, soils, metal, fire, and woods.

Yes, I can see that pottery has all these 5 elements. A clay has water, soils and metal and it needs to go through fire to process. And yet, woods will be used to make fireā€¦

The combination of philosophy on pottery is amazing!

Pottery is not only my hobby, but it is also my joy.

Different from other arts, functional pottery can make some useful and beautiful things in normal life

Making every day counts is my goal.

Doing art is my choice.

Putting a smile on people who is looking at my art is my love.

Wishing everyone found the meaning and the love of their life is my wish.

Thao Le
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